Thursday, January 8, 2009

What the kids are up to...

I can't go too many days without posting some pictures of my kids : ) (although these aren't great quality)
These are from earlier this week when it was too cold to go out and jump, but yesterday they had gym and it should be nice enough to go out today - Yay! that means they (and mommy & daddy) will get some good sleep.
Getting practice -we're in full baby mode around here!

Looking for "clues" in the dryer. They each have pencils and Pocket Medicine spirals that they can write in -they sit down and discuss their "schedules", too funny.

I love this storage ottoman I got for my blankets, unfortunately it's usually filled with stuffed animals and acting as a treasure chest or boat.

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Jennifer said...

I cannot wait until my kids play together like that!
Yours are precious!
A Clue
A Clue
(in the dryer)

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