Thursday, January 15, 2009

More "Cheetos"

We were doing good for awhile...
Ben was supposed to be practicing his last name with the dry erase markers. I posted yesterday's brownie recipe & went to wash my hair (we had gym class)...this is what I found. I wasn't as shocked as last time but a little amazed at the amount Ben had on him - they were everywhere, and I do mean everywhere.
Brinley was quick to point out "Ben did it", not that they got in trouble - I take partial blame.
While scrubbing them off Ben he said "this is a dirty job, mom". He's a big fan of the show "Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe".
I laughed & agreed "yes, being a mommy is a dirty job".
We were a little late for gym :0

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Allison said...

oh my goodness! They are so funny! These are going to be the pictures that you drag out in 15 years to show their girl/boyfriends. :)
How in the world did you get all that to come off?

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