Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Iced In - day 2

This is the view from our front door - a couple of layers of snow/sleet covering the ice we got yesterday. This morning Ben looked out, got excited & said "look at the road - it's white....let's go out" and knowing we could all use some fresh air, I said "okay, go get dressed". He comes back in camo shorts and a t-shirt, lol.
"We're gonna have to bundle up" I clarify and he quickly complied, excited to go...

Brinley, however, cried because I told her she had to wear both socks & shoes! And she went to the office to do it because daddy told her the other day "if you're gonna cry, go do it in the office." haha

She decide wearing her rain boots wouldn't be so bad so we ventured out : )
They were a little disappointed there wasn't much actual snow to play with and Ben was concerned about the trampoline, so we went around back....
And, yes they tried to jump!
Then their hands & Ben's feet were getting cold & hurting so we went in.
Ben starting going berserk - crying, begging me to take his gloves off!
Sad, kinda but it's not like he had frostbite so his reaction was way over the top and I snapped a pic, haha! I think he cried a good 10 minutes or so until they warmed up :0 When I asked him this afternoon (it was snowing) if he wanted to go back out, a look of terror came across his face!
Let's hope we never get stationed in Bethesda because they may not be able to cope - lol.
Luckily I found a pizza place that would deliver, so that cheered him up :)

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